Family Camping in Ludington, Michigan



1) We're all about family.

Since we are a family, we get family and we love sharing our campground with families all summer long! Our passion is to give you a great place to make memories you'll cherish for life.


2) Location, Location, Location.

Bordered by pines and built in an old orchard, Kibby is located in the beautiful countryside of West Michigan. But even more than that, we're halfway between the great summer towns of Ludington and Pentwater (with just a ten-minute drive to both places). We're also just a two-minute drive to a township park on Lake Michigan, 20 minutes from the Ludington State Park, and 30 minutes from Silver Lake.


3) We believe that camping can mean

anything from pitching a tent to unpacking your bags in our rentals!

We have sites to accommodate tents, pop-ups, travel trailers, fifth-wheels, and RVs. We have campers you can rent and seasonal sites you can enjoy all summer long year after year. We have sites along the woods and sites with more sun or different trees. Let us know what you're looking for in a site and we'll do our best to find you your perfect site!


4) We've been around.

Kibby Creek has been a memory-making spot for 45 years! The Anderson family has been here for 28 years and we're all as involved in running our park as you can get! In our off-season, we've taken many family camping trips and we've let our experiences shape how we run our park!


5) You don't have to leave the park...

Many people see Kibby Creek as the destination. It's a place to relax and be a family, enjoying the surrounding nature and our amenities.


6) But you can!

Our area has a lot to offer and some people come to Kibby to enjoy the nearby beaches and some of these great places!


7) Kids love it here.

Kids save up their pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters for our candy store. The favorite? Our penny candy! (Yes, we actually have candy you can buy for a penny.) We have Slush Puppies, ice cream, a pool, mini golf, playground, fishing ponds...


9) Adults love it here.

Adults love it here for many reasons, but one of the biggest? Reliving the simplicity of childhood and sharing it with their kids or grandkids.


10) We're always willing to help.

We're here to do what we can to make your vacation the best it can be. Our family and staff are always available to answer questions or help you out in any way you may need. We love being a part of your family vacation!

See you soon! David, Megan, Roger, Kelly, Caitlyn, Jimmy Elsa, Joel, and Joey

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