Family Camping in Ludington, Michigan

Our Policies


Pets are a part of the family--we know! And so good pets are welcome. We only ask that you are sure to observe the following:


1. Please pick up after your pet, both on your site and throughout the park


2. Do not leave your pet unattended


3. Do not allow your pet to bark/howl continuously


4. Keep your pet on a leash or tied up within your site space


5. Pets are NOT allowed in the pool area, bathrooms, or rental trailers


6. If your pet has an aggressive nature, we ask that you please make        other arrangements for your pet while you are staying with us


Your consideration for other campers is greatly appreciated!


We require a one-night deposit or 50% for holidays to reserve a site for you, and thus, upon booking, we will ask you for a credit card number valid through the month of your stay with us. After a reservation is made and up until one week before your scheduled arrival date, there is a $10 cancellation fee. (If we have charged your card, we will refund all but $10. If we have not, we will charge your card $10.) HOWEVER, if you cancel within the week you are due to check-in, you will forfeit the one-night deposit. If you don't show up or call to cancel, you are responsible for the entire time booked.


Please note, once you are here and your site is paid for, we cannot give refunds for early departures.


We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

Quiet Time

We ask that you please observe quiet time from 10P.M. to 8A.M. to maintain our family-friendly atmosphere. Violators are not welcome and will be asked to leave. At 10P.M. the office, pool, and playground are closed. Your children, including teenagers, are to be at your campsite by 10p.m. Please remember, you are responsible for your children--where they are at and what they are doing. If you have any issues after quiet time, please give us a call so that we can take care of it immediately.


Visitors are welcome. However, ALL VISITORS must stop at the office and register, no matter how brief the visit will be. As visitors are given access to our private facilities, there is a charge for visitors (outlined below). By having visitors, you accept responsibility for them. We ask that all daytime visitors be out of the park by 10PM (quiet time).


Daytime Guests (pass expires at 10PM): $3/person or $10/family

*Overnight Guests (pass expires at noon): $5/person or $15/family


*These charges are for overnight guests that stay in the one unit (tent or trailer) registered on the site. For overnight guests setting up a tent (or other unit) on your site, please see our policy for extras.


Our rates are based on two adults and their dependent children and one camping unit (tent, trailer, etc.). You are welcome to set up an extra tent for your own dependent children on your site.


Grown children are extra adults and there is a charge for them.


Extra Adults/Children: $5/person/night or $15/family/night (in the 1 unit)

Extra Tent: $10 for 1 person; $20 for 2 people; $30 for a family (2 adults and their dependent children)


Extra Refrigerators: In an effort to keep our rates as low as they are, there is a charge for extra refrigerators to help cover the extra electricity costs. $5 a day.


Electric Golf Carts: There is a $5 charge per day for charging your electric golf cart during your stay.


Extra Vehicles: We allow two registered vehicles to be parked on your registered site. You are not allowed to park on adjacent lots (even if they are empty) unless you have permission from management. If you have more than two vehicles, please see us in the office about parking. All vehicles must have a valid parking pass.


Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult inside the pool area. No food or drinks are allowed inside the pool area. Never swim alone! Please read and follow all of the rules posted by the pool and know that the pool is under recorded video surveillance. All guests are welcome to use the pool next to the camp store between 10am and 10pm every day. The pool is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends every summer.



Campfires are welcomed and encouraged! However, please make sure to build them in the provided fire-rings. If you must move a fire-ring, please ask in the office first. Firewood can be purchased at the office. Please do not cut branches from the trees, and please make sure you extinguish your fire completely when you are finished. Firewood brought in must be OK'd by the Kibby management, and lumber with nails or screws (etc.) is prohibited.

Motorized Vehicles

Motorized bikes, scooters, and other motorized vehicles are not to be operated within the park without consent of management. All drivers are subject to the traffic rules of the campground. The speed limit is 5MPH.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are to be driven by licensed drivers only. There are no exceptions! Drivers must obey all traffic rules for the park, including the 5MPH speed limit.


Effective July 6, 2014: There will be a $5/day charge for electric golf carts, to cover the electricity costs.



Every evening, we'll come to your site and pick up your trash that is tied up in plastic garbage bags and set by the road. Please do not leave grills, carpets, cardboard boxes, etc. and please do not leave trash out overnight. Regular household trash only, please.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are for fires only. A $10 charge will be charged to your credit card if you leave trash behind in your pit or on your site.


Check-In time for all of our sites is now 2PM to allow us to clean up the site from the previous guest. Check-out time for our regular sites is at 12:00 Noon. Depending on availability, a 2 hour extension can be granted. However, if arrangements are not made, there will be a charge. Rental check-out is 11AM.


You are welcome to fish in the ponds. No license is required! NO SWIMMING IN THE PONDS. There is no supervision at the ponds and parents are responsible for their children using the pond area.

Recreation Equipment

Basketball, volleyball, horseshoes and shuffleboard equipment are available in the office for you to use for free. All we ask is that you return it when you are done so it's there for the next guys!

Fish Cleaning

All fish cleaning should be carried out at the fish cleaning station only. Please be sure clean up after yourself and dispose of all refuse properly.



(231) 843-3995

or give us a call at

Kibby Creek Campground

4900 W. Deren Rd.

Ludington, Michigan 49431